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Top 5 Best Beaches in St. Lucia for Snorkeling

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Between the Pitons

Why is snorkeling in St.Lucia a "can't miss"?

St. Lucia is blessed with many uniquely beautiful beaches but some areas are more prominent than others for snorkeling.

In this article we will explore the best beaches in St. Lucia for snorkeling. So if you’re visiting St. Lucia and got a hankering for some aqua action you’ll know exactly where to go.

Here are the some of the best beaches for snorkeling in St.Lucia. .

1. Jalousie Beach (a.k.a Sugar Beach)

Anse De Pitons marine reserve (Sugar Beach)

Tucked away between the mystical towering Piton mountains is the white sanded Jalousie beach with some of the clearest water you will ever find on this island. Not only is the location a great snorkeling spot but the scenery provides a picturesque sightseeing experience.

This beach shares the glory of the Pitons view with the Sugar Beach A Viceroy Resort hotel so you can expect to see a few fellow travelers basking in the island sun just as you came to do. The surrounding waters at this beach are deeper than other beaches in St. Lucia but the location is still ideal for snorkeling because of the many coral reefs around the Pitons. 

Worry not because kids and others who prefer more shallow waters has the luxury of walking in from the shore line, it only gets deeper the further you go out like any other beach. Stick to the marked out swimming/snorkeling areas and most people will be more than just fine. The coral reefs serve as a home to many species of fish and other aquatic animals. It also serves as a nursery for thousands of small fish that you will see in all their colorful splendor. Jalousie beach is a favorite by both locals and visitors alike.

How do you gain access to it? Why i'm glad you asked, you can access sugar beach for free by boat whilst on a tour, your own vessel or if you're on your own you can pay a water taxi between 20-30US from Soufriere village and into the cove. Prices may vary depending on the distance which you hired the water taxi from.

Another way to access this beach is by land through the Sugar Beach A Viceroy Resort hotel, there is no other land path to walk or drive down to this lovely beach. The resort however requires that all who desires to use their thoroughfare either local or visitor has to pay 100USD to gain access.

Obviously that is a bit extreme and unfair due to all beaches in St.Lucia being public but the resort has made an attempt to justify their price gouging thoroughfare entry fee by stating that you will receive access to the hotels amenities and cocktail service whilst on the beach. Again this can be avoided by coming in by sea whether that's via water taxi, private vessel or an island tour where this beach is part of the package. Go for whichever way sounds more fun!

2. Anse Kochon Beach (Bay of the Pigs)

Anse Kochon
Anse Kochon

Snorkeling at the Anse Kochon beach gives you a chance to explore one of the most densely populated coral reefs in St. Lucia. This beautiful stretch of black sand is also a favorite stop for many St.Lucia boat tours which provides their guests the opportunity to have an organized smooth swimming experience.

The snorkeling experience is particularly good at both ends of the beach where the water visibility is excellent. You will experience a variety of aquatic life that will keep you fascinated throughout your exploration of this location.

The Ti Kaye Resort which is adjacent to the Anse Kochon beach has a beach restaurant if you care to buy food when you visit.

How do I get to it you might ask? You can access the Anse Kochon beach via either boat or by car but access from the main road to get there is a bit of a bumpy ride. Again go with whichever makes you most excited!

3. Anse Chastanet Beach

Anse Chastanet

Volcanic cliffs tumble down to the silver sands of this dramatic beach, hidden away from crowds on the southern part of the island. In addition to the jaw-dropping location, Anse Chastanet is one of St.Lucia’s best snorkeling spots. Rent gear from the beach’s resort and paddle just offshore to find a reef brimming with crayon-colored tropical fish flitting this way and that way. There’s also a dive shop on site if you want to get more up close and personal with the sea life. Whilst there you will also notice that you are in the presence of the Caribbean's most expensive resort called the Jade Mountain where the ABC series 'The Bachelor' was shot in 2014 with the Texan 'Juan Pablo'. You'll also find that you have a pristine view of the mighty Piton Mountains.

How do I get to it? Well by now you already picked up the trend, you can access this partly exclusive beach via boat or car. A water taxi will run you up approximately 20-30USD from Soufriere or you can get there as part of a tour package along with all your must do's included. Although we have no theme parks Anse Chastenet is also accessible via car which is the best 30 minute roller coaster ride the island has to offer and that's on the highest speed setting. Do we even have to say it? yes? ok sure, go with the method of travel that's best suited for you!

4. Virgin Cove

Although it does not feature the abundance of marine life or popularity of St. Lucia's snorkeling hot-spots, like Anse Chastanet or Jalousie Beach, Virgin Cove offers its own unique benefits. This protected and basically untouched cove offers 15-foot deep water so transparent you can see straight through to the bottom. It may lack a fully developed reef but it does offer a great view of diverse ocean life without much of a hassle, making it perfect for beginner-level snorkelers.

How do you get to it? You can access this hidden beauty via boat or car we recommend getting a guide to direct you accordingly being that this location isn't as popular as the others on this list but is definitely worth a visit. Due to it's lack of popularity, it's not as crowded with visitors like other main snorkeling attractions, maybe that's where it got its name from...who knows?...

5. Pigeon Island (a.k.a Pigeon Point)

Pigeon Island

Located in the north of the island is this immensely popular beach. Pigeon Island is known for being one of the most calm and beautiful beaches on the entire island of St.Lucia. It was created by a man-made causeway to connect Fort-Rodney to the main land. The crystal clear, calm turquoise waters makes it a magical experience for both beginner and adept snorkelers.

From the rainbow colored fish to baby turtles and sunbeams to create a charming spectacle, Pigeon Island is definitely a pristine location for snorkeling that's up there with the other highly rated spots on this list.

On this beach occurs many events and parties from the hit beach party "Mercury Beach Festival" drawing in thousands of people and hundreds of yachts as well as massive themed concerts down to the small family beach-side Bar-B-Ques this one is a culture favorite amongst locals and visitors alike. It shares this area with two(2) top branded resorts such as The Landings Resort and the Caribbeans leading hotel brand 'Sandals Grande St.Lucian' by 'Sandals Resorts International'.

How do I get to it? You can access this beauty via boat or car which surprisingly is a smooth ride unless you're coming from the south west coast of the island. If you're coming from any resort/airbnb in the south of St.Lucia it's a twenty-five(25)minute boat ride and a winding two(2) hour car ride. If your accommodation is anywhere within the north of the St.Lucia this place is within a fifteen(15)-twenty(20)minute drive and a five(5)-ten(10)minute boat ride away. Very highly recommended that this be on your list of must do's when visiting St.Lucia.

If you don't come for snorkeling come for the swim, if not for the swim come for the history, if not for the history come for all the cool photos you can take to make sweet memories or simply to flex on your friends back home. Can't promise they won't be jealous at you for it but at least you inspired someone to get some of this love, peace, healing and positive vibes St.Lucia has to offer.

Thank you so much for reading hope this article assisted you in building the best possible vacation experience for you and yours right here in sweet sweet St.Lucia, your home away from home. Blessings and One Love from the Jojo's family.






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