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10 reasons to do a speed boat tour in St.Lucia

So you're booked for a well deserved vacation to St.Lucia and though you planned to do nothing but maximum chilling you felt like something was missing to make that holiday extra special. The first thing you thought about was what more can I do to soak in some more positive, unwinding island bliss. Here in this article we are gonna briefly go through 10 things that makes the island speed boat tour your go to cherry on the cake.

1. It's Quickl

Yes you heard right, the speed boat tour is the most efficient way to get around St.Lucia. You get to see most of the key points of interests in an ample amount of time. It's much more time efficient than hiring a cab or renting your own pair of wheels. For scale St.Lucia is 27miles long and 14miles wide it takes roughly an hour and a half to get from one side of the island to the next(on the less swervy side the east coast). On the west coast where the main attractions are it takes approximately an hour forty-five(1hr 45mins) to two hours(2hrs) to get across from north to south and vice versa(driving responsibly). The speed boat gets you where you'll most likely wanna go without the hassle of motion sick invoking swerving roads, the long drive and less site-seeing.

2. You Get To See/Do MORE!

A sea adventure allows you to experience way more scenery and activities in general. The main purpose of the Soufriere Sea Adventure is to get you down to the mud baths also known as the sulphur springs as well as the waterfalls and you can get there via car or boat but the smooth process in which the boat brings you down is definitely more comfortable as per to the long tedious ride via car.

3. The Love Tunnel (Pirates of the Caribbean arch)

For all the thrill seekers out there with a thirst for adrenaline this famous arch is where part of the popular film series Pirates of the Caribbean was shot. It is now a sought out location for cliff jumpers who wanna experience that rush. However if you are not fond of cliff jumping many others come to experience other people cliff jumping, mainly the local kids its also a pristine calm swimming location with crystal blue waters roughly 20ft-25ft deep.

4. Marigot Bay

This tranquil hidden gem is called Marigot bay a famous location for sailors, celebrities and private individuals that want to get away from it all. In this area you'll find the homes of famous celebrities such as Mick Jagger the entertainer, Kathleen Turner and Sophia Loren the actresses as well as a few others. Marigot bay is also home to the Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Marina, Oasis group of villas, and the Marigot Bay Resort and Dive Club. Looking further you'll come across many dining options. Perfect get away for the lowkey couples or individuals.

5. Super Snorkeling!

A speed boat tour opens up a plethora of snorkeling options eliminating any access hindrances to those locations from the land. If you are a marine life lover or a lover of all things great and beautiful this is for you. St.Lucia has a numerous amount of beaches both popular and hidden and along with those beaches comes some of the best swimming and snorkeling to be had. The advantage of going by speed boat is that you avoid the hassle of being charged by hotels to cross their property to get to those spots if you are going by car. To learn more about snorkeling see this article on the best snorkeling in St.Lucia.

6. The Jade Mountain Resort

You might be wondering whats so great about this resort besides it looking simply gorgeous! The Jade Mountain is the most expensive hotel in the Caribbean specializing in luxury level accommodation and service. Its high price tag attracts some of the most exclusive clientele some of which are Ellie Goulding, Fantasia Monique Taylor the singers and Kevin Hart the comedian to name a few. Jade Mountain also has partially exclusive access to one of the best snorkeling/diving locations on island Anse Chastenet. Its most obvious perk is that of its clear unobstructed view of the Pitons for each guests due to the expert architectural design of the resort.

7. The Coast Line

St.Lucia has one of the most scenic coast lines in the Caribbean due to it's mountainous structure which looks absolutely mind boggling from the ocean. Filled with lush greenery, turquoise waters, dolphins, turtles, exotic villas, airbnb's, resorts, villages and the likes. A sight one could never tire from.

8. The Bat Cave

This location though a bit off shore from the village of Soufriere is best seen by boat where you can get a tad bit up close with fruit bats, thousands and thousands of fruit bats that either sleep or make love all day then come out only at nights for a romantic flight with their partners. Simply magical!

9.The Pitons

These majestic twin peaks will leave you speechless, it will be like love at first sight. It's no debate that most travelers who visit St.Lucia come for the sole purpose of having a glance at the Pitons or having a sunset cruise or photo shoot with them as their backdrop. Its truly a sight to behold. Of course the best angle is from the ocean.

10.The Atmosphere (Caribbean Flavor)

If you love travel it simply means you enjoy new experiences such as, cultures, food, sites, history and the likes. Learning something new always leaves one feeling empowered. On a speed boat everyone gets to have a refreshing, chilled, tasty beverage and show off their dancing skills like nobody's watching if you don't have many you leave with plenty if you don't have a few they'll make sure you do. St.Lucian's are a kind and loving people who take pride in speaking of their island and share their culture with all who seek to embrace it or learn from it. Good music onboard paired with joyful, humorous spirits and the best local rum punch the island has to offer will make your toughest times fade into nothingness and allow joy and positive island vibes to flow into your very soul like a gentle steam along the river bed. St.Lucia, let her inspire you.












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