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What’s the Best Time of Year to Visit St. Lucia?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

St.Lucia's famous twin peaks, 'The Pitons'

Want to know the best time of year to visit St. Lucia?

A very popular question no matter where you visit no one wants to visit a place knowing its not at its most magnificent. It all depends on what you’re looking to get out of your vacation here in St.Lucia. When deciding on the best time of year to visit St. Lucia, some things you should take into consideration are the weather, your budget and festivities happening in certain months of the year that you may be interested in experiencing.

We'll take it step by step.


Whats the weather like?

In regards to weather St.Lucia only experiences two (2) seasons the wet and the dry season. Temperatures range between 24-32 degrees Celsius (75-87 Fahrenheit) and never really goes much higher or lower than that year round. As it expresses itself the wet season you can expect higher chances of rainfall and the Dry season minimal chances of rainfall. Regardless of season good news is that St.Lucia has relatively balanced weather year round! But if you want to experience St.Lucia's greenery at its most lush we recommend the period between the transition of the wet to the dry season which is generally between December and February. Now most experienced travelers already know this secret which might serve as a small hiccup for some, which brings us to our next point.


When booking your stay you might notice a slight increase in hotel accommodation rates simply because of the high demand during the months of December to February. Those rates can last all the way till June due to that being St.Lucia's peak tourist season. Hotel's and resorts occupancy are the highest as well as plenty fellow travelers visiting from the cruise ships such as Carnival, Disney and Norwegian etc. If you don't mind feeling the love and spirit of adventure then you'll find it quite exciting seeing other travelers getting a taste of that same St.Lucian magic that you came for! It's gonna be one heck of a party!

Festivals and Events

Speaking of parties St.Lucia like many other Caribbean islands is well known for its seasonal events and festivities spread throughout the year for your enjoyment. Here are a few of the staple and long celebrated festivities:

St.Lucia Independence Day

On February 22nd St.Lucia celebrates its independence from Britain since the year 1979. What can you expect to see? A huge parade is organized with a performance by the St.Lucia Royal Police band, an appearance and speech from our governor general as well as many locals downed in our traditional wear. Not to forget the numerous food stands filled with mouth watering local dishes, treats and delicacies. Oooo YUMMY!

St.Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival

During the month of may St.Lucia celebrates its famed Jazz & Arts Festival that has hosted many well known musical artists that has graced the stage such as UB40, John Legend, Yolanda Adams, Luther Vandross, Isley Brothers , Rihanna, Ashanti, Ciara, Mary .J, Blige just to name a few and many many more. An event that is well deserved therapy for the soul.


This is one of the biggest and most sort out festivals of the year in multiple Caribbean countries. Men and women both locally and internationally dress up in culture inspired costumes to take the streets simply to display their dazzling creative wear, charismatic energy, explosive dance moves and overall sense of love and togetherness. It's a wild day of infectious music, colors, Caribbean vibes, good food and enough alcohol to fill 5 football stadiums. Long has it been constantly debated regionally as to which islands carnival is more exciting than the next, who knows? you'll just have to come find out, you'll definitely learn a new dance move or two.

St.Lucia Flower and Creole Festival

In October on the last Sunday of the month St.Lucia celebrates its heritage called "Jounen Kweyol" ("Creole Day" in English) island wide with an abundance of local/creole food at every turn. You can hear folk music and steel drums as well as see everyone dressed in the traditional wear called 'Madras' clothing(a type of plaid design with multiple colors between the spacings). Oh yes the spirit of St.Lucia rises again more than it usually does for that one day. A fiesta like no other definitely a must see and highly recommended when visiting beautiful St.Lucia.

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (A.R.C)

ARC is the largest transoceanic sailing event in the world! Where roughly over 200 yachts sail from Las Palmas Spain heading for the finish line in Rodney Bay St.Lucia. This is an annual transatlantic event that many sailors look forward to in November. Not to mention the huge cash prizes and congratulatory party awaiting the winning boats at the Rodney Bay marina.

These are the most dominant and long running festivities happening in St.Lucia although there are countless large concerts, color parties, powder parties and many many more themed events that you can expect to hear about or attend before, during or after you stay here in St.Lucia.

In conclusion the ideal time to enjoy St.Lucia at its best depends on you taking into account all the above elements to deem for yourself which is best for YOU and your idea of a perfect vacation.

Thank you so much for reading, we hope this blog helped answer most of your questions and assisted you in making the best suited decision for your stay here in St.Lucia. Looking forward to hearing about your spectacular island experience soon. Love and light from Jojo's!





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