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"For It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves".

Book an adrenaline pumping, self-fulfilling mountain hiking adventure where you conquer the taller of St.Lucia's majestic twin peaks, Gros Piton.

Tour Details

  • Your adventure begins from the moment of pick up from hotel/harbor.

  • We cruise southwards hugging the west coastline.

  • On the way down you cruise by a multitude of breath taking sites such as Marigot Bay, the volcanic rocky coastline, the villages of Anse-La-Raye, Caneries and of course Soufriere the home of the Pitons.

  • We dock at the base of the Pitons where your personal tour guide will be awaiting your  arrival.

  • You are escorted to the mountain's Park known as 'Au Pauye Park'.

  • From there you will be briefed by your professional guide on the overview of the trek.

  • After briefing, your adventure continues by you taking your first step to conquering 2619ft of pure glory!


  • Activity Level - Moderate

  • Stay hydrated- pack plenty of water.

  • Light snacks- (Granola bars, fruits etc)

  • Wear comfortable shoes

  • Wear free-fitting light clothing for ease of movement.

  • Perform stretching and other warm up exercises  

  • Sunscreen and bug spray may be handy.

  • Remember to take breaks at check points for refreshments and a breather

  • Have fun while you do it


By boat: 20-25mins ride down from north

By land:1hr ride down from north

Average hike time - 4hrs from commencement of hike.(2 hours hike up 2hrs hike down)

Hike time based on physical capability of hiker(s)

*could be longer or shorter*

Inclusive of:

  • Entrance fees

  • Professional Tour Guide

  • Meals

  • Drinks

  • Towels


*Private tour available, email for details*

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